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Are Big Wheels a Range Killer?
Of all of the issues discussed when it comes to EVs, range seems to be the most ubiquitous. So, what can you do to extend range in your EV?
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How To Take an EV Road Trip
Despite claims to the contrary, EVs are more than capable of powering your long-distance trips.
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New Standards for Electric Vehicle Chargers
The Federal Highway Administration announced the first-ever nationwide standards for federally funded EV charges. Here's what the standards do and what they mean for you.
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Understanding Electric Vehicle Battery Life
Move over sedans and crossovers, electric pickup trucks are here! Get a look at the emission-free models coming soon.​
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How Far Can EVs Go on a Single Charge?
As these eco-friendly cars become more widespread, one question remains: How far can EVs travel before running out of power?